With 20 years experience in the fields of entertainment and politics, Anasa enjoys sharing her ideas and vast experiences and is available for workshops, keynotes and panel discussions. Anasa is available to discuss artist management, artist development, diversity in the entertainment industry, the impact of art on society, entrepreneurship, and cultural organizing.

Anasa also has two specialized keynotes/trainings developed based on her most important work.

The first is called, Culture Shift 101Developed over three years during her fellowship at the Movement Strategy Center, in Oakland, CA and 20 years of work in the entertainment and politics, Culture Shift 101  is a series of trainings that explores the connections between values, culture, public policy & community practice and teaches participants the importance of creative practice and the mechanics of using art to transform on the personal, community and global scale. 

The other is called, Live Love. Based on two years of work studying love and vulnerability, Live Love takes participants on a journey into what it means to love in the modern age. Live Love engages participants in a conversation about love for self, love for others and the juxtaposition of love and justice, both interpersonal and systemic. This work explores the definition and meaning of love, the importance of love as a core value in our culture and practical ways to embody love in your life, especially when it gets difficult.